Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.5 or greater within 300 mi
Update time = Sat, Jun-25-2022 5:15:am CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
6 km NNE of Ames, Oklahoma 1.9 00010263 mi 1656136187Sat, Jun-25-2022 0:49:am CDT map
12 km W of Davis, Oklahoma 1.7 000180112 mi 1656006471Thu, Jun-23-2022 12:47:pm CDT map
2 km SSW of Hulbert, Oklahoma 1.8 000172107 mi 1656005045Thu, Jun-23-2022 12:24:pm CDT map
3 km SW of Hulbert, Oklahoma 2.0 000172107 mi 1655912584Wed, Jun-22-2022 10:43:am CDT map
Oklahoma 1.5 000190118 mi 1655898435Wed, Jun-22-2022 6:47:am CDT map
5 km WSW of Aline, Oklahoma 1.9 00013684 mi 1655877663Wed, Jun-22-2022 1:01:am CDT map
9 km W of Davis, Oklahoma 1.8 000180112 mi 1655844588Tue, Jun-21-2022 15:49:pm CDT map
3 km N of Tatums, Oklahoma 1.8 000182113 mi 1655773103Mon, Jun-20-2022 19:58:pm CDT map
4 km N of Ames, Oklahoma 1.5 00010364 mi 1655765383Mon, Jun-20-2022 17:49:pm CDT map
11 km SSE of Wapanucka, Oklahoma 1.5 000214133 mi 1655752015Mon, Jun-20-2022 14:06:pm CDT map
6 km NW of Medford, Oklahoma 1.6 00010465 mi 1655746402Mon, Jun-20-2022 12:33:pm CDT map
Oklahoma 2.1 00007043 mi 1655722671Mon, Jun-20-2022 5:57:am CDT map
5 km E of Hennessey, Oklahoma 2.2 00007043 mi 1655720946Mon, Jun-20-2022 5:29:am CDT map
5 km E of Hennessey, Oklahoma 1.5 00007044 mi 1655703520Mon, Jun-20-2022 0:38:am CDT map
9 km ESE of Jefferson, Oklahoma 1.6 00008653 mi 1655647907Sun, Jun-19-2022 9:11:am CDT map
13 km WSW of Quinton, Oklahoma 1.6 000181112 mi 1655568390Sat, Jun-18-2022 11:06:am CDT map
9 km E of Kingfisher, Oklahoma 1.5 00007547 mi 1655558300Sat, Jun-18-2022 8:18:am CDT map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.