Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.5 or greater within 300 mi
Update time = Sat, Jan-22-2022 2:01:am CST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
10 km ESE of Jefferson, Oklahoma 2.7 00008553 mi 1642771495Fri, Jan-21-2022 7:24:am CST map
4 km NW of Mount Pleasant, Arkansas 2.1 000474294 mi 1642765048Fri, Jan-21-2022 5:37:am CST map
12 km E of Crowder, Oklahoma 2.0 000178110 mi 1642739635Thu, Jan-20-2022 22:33:pm CST map
5 km WSW of Gypsum, Kansas 2.5 000288179 mi 1642688480Thu, Jan-20-2022 8:21:am CST map
2 km E of Hennessey, Oklahoma 2.0 00007345 mi 1642674381Thu, Jan-20-2022 4:26:am CST map
4 km NE of Cherokee, Oklahoma 1.5 00013584 mi 1642467149Mon, Jan-17-2022 18:52:pm CST map
5 km N of Stroud, Oklahoma 2.2 00005131 mi 1642457367Mon, Jan-17-2022 16:09:pm CST map
4 km SW of Mill Creek, Oklahoma 1.9 000195121 mi 1642453755Mon, Jan-17-2022 15:09:pm CST map
5 km S of Owasso, Oklahoma 1.6 00010968 mi 1642438144Mon, Jan-17-2022 10:49:am CST map
9 km NNW of Mooreland, Oklahoma 1.5 000202126 mi 1642427518Mon, Jan-17-2022 7:51:am CST map
10 km NNW of Mooreland, Oklahoma 1.8 000202126 mi 1642419786Mon, Jan-17-2022 5:43:am CST map
6 km SSW of Alex, Oklahoma 1.7 00015697 mi 1642379259Sun, Jan-16-2022 18:27:pm CST map
12 km E of Crowder, Oklahoma 1.5 000178110 mi 1642373593Sun, Jan-16-2022 16:53:pm CST map
8 km SW of Waynoka, Oklahoma 1.7 000176110 mi 1642356575Sun, Jan-16-2022 12:09:pm CST map
8 km SW of Ninnekah, Oklahoma 1.5 00015999 mi 1642349672Sun, Jan-16-2022 10:14:am CST map
7 km E of Nescatunga, Oklahoma 2.0 00011572 mi 1642330660Sun, Jan-16-2022 4:57:am CST map
8 km NW of Wheeler, Texas 2.5 000303188 mi 1642303478Sat, Jan-15-2022 21:24:pm CST map
7 km WSW of Aline, Oklahoma 1.9 00013785 mi 1642297811Sat, Jan-15-2022 19:50:pm CST map
3 km NNW of Covington, Oklahoma 2.2 00005534 mi 1642261134Sat, Jan-15-2022 9:38:am CST map
9 km SW of Gypsum, Kansas 3.0 000283176 mi 1642236119Sat, Jan-15-2022 2:41:am CST map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.