Stillwater Area Extreme Weather Videos

Six Tornado Videos From 5/19/10

Funnel Cloud 15 Miles West of Stillwater

KOCO-5 Coverage of Same Tornado

Tornado Touches Down 5 Miles West of Stillwater

Another Video About Same Time

Another Video of Same Tornado

Cloud Rotation Over Stillwater

Another Cloud Rotation Video

Other Videos From the Past

tornado1998 Tornado Passing Near Stillwater

1. Boomer Lake Over the Spillway - 5/26, 2015

2. Tornado West of Stillwater - 5/19/2010

3. Tornado North of Stillwater - 5/1/2008

4. Stillwater Tornado KOCO TV 5 Video - 5/15/1990

4a. More KOCO TV 5 Video of Stillwater's - 5/15/1990 Tornado, the Night After

5. Flooding on 12th St. in Stillwater - 5/21/2019

6. Hail Storm During Drive on N. Perkins Rd. - 2/23/09

7. Scene in OSU Student Union During Tornado Warning of 2/10/2009

7a. What Storm Was Like Before Arriving to Stillwater

7b. Video of Tornado Associated With That Warning About 15 mi. Southwest of Stillwater

8. Storm With Hail Southeast of Stillwater - 11/6/2008

9. Twas a dark and stormy night in Stillwater - 5/14/09

10. Christmas Eve Blizzard 2009 in Stillwater

KOCO Video on Aftermath of May 15, 1990 Tornado

Other video from KOCO on Same Tornado Here.

Stillwater's Boomer Lake Over the Spillway

The scene below was often repeated in 2007, a year that brought 61.29" of rain to Stillwater, an all time record high.

See Stillwater's "Unknown Lifesaver" from severe weather in this video:

Flooding In Stillwater Area, May 23, 2019


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