Oklahoma Area Earthquakes

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.5 or greater within 225 mi
Update time = Wed, Jul-30-2014 6:14pm CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
7 mi NNE of Edmond, Oklahoma 3.3 00005434 mi 1406738819Wed, Jul-30-2014 11:46am map
7 mi NE of Edmond, Oklahoma 3.4 00005434 mi 1406737292Wed, Jul-30-2014 11:21am map
2 mi NW of Jones, Oklahoma 2.2 00006540 mi 1406700920Wed, Jul-30-2014 1:15am map
17 mi WSW of Medford, Oklahoma 2.7 00011269 mi 1406619592Tue, Jul-29-2014 2:39am map
15 mi WSW of Medford, Oklahoma 4.3 00010867 mi 1406601996Mon, Jul-28-2014 9:46pm map
2 mi SW of Cherokee, Oklahoma 3.0 00013886 mi 1406586411Mon, Jul-28-2014 5:26pm map
11 mi SE of Anthony, Kansas 2.1 00012779 mi 1406510088Sun, Jul-27-2014 8:14pm map
7 mi WNW of Yale, Oklahoma 3.2 00001912 mi 1406499562Sun, Jul-27-2014 5:19pm map
7 mi W of Medford, Oklahoma 2.9 00010565 mi 1406493550Sun, Jul-27-2014 3:39pm map
10 mi W of Perry, Oklahoma 2.8 00004327 mi 1406453286Sun, Jul-27-2014 4:28am map
12 mi WNW of Caldwell, Kansas 3.4 00012980 mi 1406372230Sat, Jul-26-2014 5:57am map
11 mi W of Caldwell, Kansas 2.4 00012276 mi 1406272644Fri, Jul-25-2014 2:17am map
6 mi NNE of Helena, Oklahoma 3.3 00012175 mi 1406264212Thu, Jul-24-2014 11:56pm map
7 mi SW of Guthrie, Oklahoma 2.7 00005635 mi 1406197648Thu, Jul-24-2014 5:27am map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.

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Data Courtesy of USGS Earthquake Hazards Program