Oklahoma Area Earthquakes

Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 1.5 or greater within 225 mi
Update time = Fri, Apr-18-2014 12:51pm CDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
2 mi ESE of Perry, Oklahoma 2.2 00002415 mi 1397795445Thu, Apr-17-2014 11:30pm map
4 mi S of Farmers Branch, Texas 2.5 000362225 mi 1397763860Thu, Apr-17-2014 2:44pm map
8 mi NE of Helena, Oklahoma 3.4 00011270 mi 1397735408Thu, Apr-17-2014 6:50am map
9 mi S of Perry, Oklahoma 2.7 00002515 mi 1397667128Wed, Apr-16-2014 11:52am map
12 mi N of Crescent, Oklahoma 2.8 00005233 mi 1397608570Tue, Apr-15-2014 7:36pm map
1 mi E of Perry, Oklahoma 2.5 00002717 mi 1397500969Mon, Apr-14-2014 1:42pm map
1 mi ESE of Perry, Oklahoma 2.6 00002616 mi 1397499607Mon, Apr-14-2014 1:20pm map
7 mi SW of Guthrie, Oklahoma 3.0 00005635 mi 1397481478Mon, Apr-14-2014 8:17am map
7 mi SSW of Guthrie, Oklahoma 3.7 00005534 mi 1397419341Sun, Apr-13-2014 3:02pm map
7 mi SSW of Guthrie, Oklahoma 2.9 00005534 mi 1397409801Sun, Apr-13-2014 12:23pm map
7 mi SSW of Guthrie, Oklahoma 3.8 00005534 mi 1397408415Sun, Apr-13-2014 12:00pm map
4 mi N of Spencer, Oklahoma 2.2 00006741 mi 1397404423Sun, Apr-13-2014 10:53am map
8 mi N of Edmond, Oklahoma 2.5 00005634 mi 1397394651Sun, Apr-13-2014 8:10am map
8 mi SSW of Guthrie, Oklahoma 2.5 00005735 mi 1397356797Sat, Apr-12-2014 9:39pm map
6 mi NW of Medford, Oklahoma 3.0 00010767 mi 1397342283Sat, Apr-12-2014 5:38pm map
16 mi S of McCord, Oklahoma 2.9 00003622 mi 1397327600Sat, Apr-12-2014 1:33pm map
1 mi SSW of Langston, Oklahoma 3.3 00003019 mi 1397319195Sat, Apr-12-2014 11:13am map
2 mi W of Jones, Oklahoma 2.6 00006741 mi 1397298077Sat, Apr-12-2014 5:21am map
2 mi E of Perry, Oklahoma 3.0 00002616 mi 1397293201Sat, Apr-12-2014 4:00am map
3 mi SE of Perry, Oklahoma 3.8 00002314 mi 1397280772Sat, Apr-12-2014 12:32am map
7 mi N of Edmond, Oklahoma 3.0 00005635 mi 1397271218Fri, Apr-11-2014 9:53pm map
7 mi N of Edmond, Oklahoma 2.5 00005635 mi 1397270906Fri, Apr-11-2014 9:48pm map

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Map and data courtesy of United States Geological Survey.

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Data Courtesy of USGS Earthquake Hazards Program