Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 2.0 or greater within 200 mi
Update time = Sat, Dec-10-2016 4:15pm CST

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Local Time Link
15 mi ENE of Mooreland, Oklahoma 3.3 000173107 mi 1481373515Sat, Dec-10-2016 12:38pm map
3 mi N of Waukomis, Oklahoma 3.7 00010062 mi 1481335621Sat, Dec-10-2016 2:07am map
0 mi N of Yale, Oklahoma 3.5 00010465 mi 1481017297Tue, Dec-06-2016 9:41am map
10 mi WSW of Perry, Oklahoma 3.2 00008653 mi 1480937951Mon, Dec-05-2016 11:39am map
9 mi E of Pawnee, Oklahoma 2.7 00012477 mi 1480914901Mon, Dec-05-2016 5:15am map
3 mi N of Cushing, Oklahoma 3.6 00009358 mi 1480906711Mon, Dec-05-2016 2:58am map
8 mi ESE of Pawnee, Oklahoma 2.8 00012276 mi 1480893159Sun, Dec-04-2016 11:12pm map
9 mi E of Pawnee, Oklahoma 3.9 00012376 mi 1480886576Sun, Dec-04-2016 9:22pm map
6 mi NNW of Coalgate, Oklahoma 2.7 00015194 mi 1480799650Sat, Dec-03-2016 9:14pm map

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